Join #theworstexcuse environmental alert campaign!

Alongside thousands of Internet users and many personalities including Didier Super, Corinne Masiero, Nicolas Hulot, Lucie Lucas, IAM, Pablo Servigne, Clara Morgane, Philippe Katerine, Anny Duperey, Noam Chomsky … generate and share in the blink of an eye eye your WORST EXCUSE: the one that you would especially not want to give to your children (or more generally the generations succeeding us) to justify the world that we will leave them.

“I didn’t give a shit”, “I liked flying too much”, “I thought sorting my garbage about the right way was enough”, “I had faith in science, Bruce Willis or Donald Trump to get us out of this mess "…
What will be yours? But also, because finding an excuse is ultimately just a pretext to realize that none is really valid, what is the BEST ACTION you do (or that you plan to do) … not to have in the end to give your worst excuse?