# Take action ? How ??

By climbing 3 steps.

# First step : Understanding the problem.

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It is about looking at the situation and deeply understanding why an overall systemic collapse is more than likely in the years to come. We explain - briefly - the problem (the scientific perspective of a global societal collapse) in the section “Why”. To go further, to dig all these complex and fascinating subjects (among which climate, biodiversity, collapse, eco-psychology …) we also provide you with a list of references (books, videos, films, websites, games, social networks etc.) in the “resources” section.

# Second step : Shifting gear

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# First of all we’ll shift gear by quiting the “save the planet” idea.

Why ? Firstly because it is not the planet that would be to “save” but its living species, including ours (homo sapiens). Secondly because saving the planet is not a responsibility at the individual level. Thinking “we must save the planet” is therefore often to dismiss responsibility on others : corporations, governments, other countries… “THEY shoud start” , “THEY should show the example first”. The mechanism of specular interaction comes into play to disempower us. This way of thinking, we guess, leads to a posture of earthenware dogs. Everyone is waiting for others to take action. Let’s face it: ** we need to act now and stop waiting for others (governments, companies, politicians …) to get started **.

# What can we do then, if we should not will to “save the planet” ?

First of all, to reconcile with nature, of which we are part.

Thinking “We must save the nature”, we put ourselves aside, forgetting our belonging to the living. It is however fundamental to remember it by going out of the cities, into nature, for a long period of time, in order to feel the world around us with our senses.
For as long as possible and the most often we can.
So it goes through a contact with the ground (humus), either with your feet (enjoying long walks, hikes, times in the nature), or with your hands (gardening obviously… but also participating in voluntary nature projects)
Generally speaking, it is time to find the the time, even from the cities, to reconnect with ourself, other human beings, the living.

Because this rebuilt link with nature is the true driving force behind our actions, the one that will help us to find a right place, meaningful, really satisfying - as Joanna Macy nicely wrote: “Find our vocation is to find the intersection between our deep joy and the deep needs of the world.”

# Third step : Stepping into action

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Take action, not for the sake of saving the planet, but because that’s the only thing that seems right for you to do.

# How?

There is no bad way to start nor to go further into action. The best way, however, is to move forward everyday.